About Our Firm

Our firm's services are defined by the three core values: 


We offer expertise in U.S. tax law for expatriates. We are a highly educated group of experts. But we do not rest on our university degrees and licenses. We are continually upgrading our knowledge of the ever-changing U.S. tax laws through continued education courses every year so we can achieve the best tax result for our clients.


We have experience with the nuances of preparing specialized U.S. tax returns for Expats. We have been serving Americans living abroad with their tax planning and preparation since 2001. This area of our practice grew so much that we created Expatriate American Tax as a specialized division of Numerical, LLC to focus on serving expatriates. FATCA, FBAR, Streamlined Filing, etc. are simply what we do – every day!

Personalized Service

We provide personalized service that is both warm and professional. Unlike online firms that are virtual and anonymous, we meet with clients face-to-face in either our NYC or Rome locations. We can also meet face-to-face with anyone around the world via Skype video conferencing. Or we can connect with you via an old fashioned phone call. We are flexible to the different time zones our clients reside in.   

The quality of our service is best reflected in client referrals, which has contributed to the growth of our business in recent years. We believe we provide the best overall value for the services rendered. We don't seek to compete with 'bargain' prices offered by virtual firms online.

Our expertise, our experience, and our personalized service reflect our commitment to excellence – perhaps why over 95% of our clients continue their relationship with us year after year.